How to Use the New Themes in FS 1.9

Formspider 1.9 comes with six new themes. The new default theme is called FS19Default. FS19Default is going to be the new default theme for any new application that developers create using Formspider 1.9. Existing applications built with Formspider 1.8 will still continue to use the previous default theme called FS18Default.

Developers can change the theme of an application by simply clicking the edit application button in the Formspider IDE and selecting a new theme from the LOV as seen in the screenshots below:

Note that the theme text field in the application properties dialog is editable. If a developer creates her own theme file (essentially a new CSS file), place it under the [Application Server Web Apps Folder]/[context root name]/css/skins folder and write the file name to the theme text field, Formspider uses this file as the theme of the application currently open in the IDE.

Also note that, the LOV shows the six new themes as well as the three old themes that shipped with the previous versions of Formspider.

The Custom CSS text field is still functional. Just as before, developers can use custom CSS files to overwrite certain properties of a theme for a specific application.