AG TRANSPORT Uses Formspider

AG TRANSPORT , one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Czech Republic chose Formspider to rebuild their entire software system.

Specifically, AG TRANSPORT uses Formspider to consolidate many different applications used in its departments with one unified application to drive their business forward.

AG TRANSPORT uses Formspider to drive their business forward

Last month, I met with Tomáš Kepič, the managing director of AG TRANSPORT and we talked about the application he is building with Formspider.

Tomáš is an Oracle OCP. He’s been working with Oracle technologies for over 8 years with a focus on Oracle Database and PL/SQL. He used Forms, Apex and many other Oracle tools. In his international career he built applications for industries such as banking, education and logistics. For the last 3 years he’s been the managing director at AG TRANSPORT.

Tomáš Kepič, the managing director of AG TRANSPORT, talked about the application he is building with Formspider

I believe his story will resonate with many PL/SQL developers and IT managers.

Yalım: Tomáš, what business problem are you trying to solve?

Tomáš: While growing its business, AG TRANSPORT used different software packages in different departments in the company. Since each application used a different database, information needs to be moved between these databases for business units to complete their tasks. This makes it very difficult for different departments to have access to the current picture of the organization because every piece of information is in a different information silo.

Our goal is to simplify the workflow in the company and improve our reporting capabilities by unifying all these different applications and information silos. This will enable us make better decisions faster, manage our resources more efficiently and ultimately be more competitive in the market.

“Our goal is to simplify the workflow by unifying different applications and information silos.”

Yalım: Why did you chose Formspider to build this application?

Tomáš: We first tried to build the web application with Apex like many ex-Forms developers do when they first try to make the leap to web development. Apex worked well with the initial simple use cases. However, we quickly realized that as the application got bigger and use cases more complex, Apex was out of its depth.

I had to pick a framework which would allow us to progress quickly, without losing time with new environments and concentrate on the main project logic that we wanted to store in PL/SQL where we feel very strong.

Formspider enabled us to do just that. We were able to use our PL/SQL skills to build a high quality Web 2.0 application rapidly. Its event driven architecture was very similar to Forms and therefore very easy to learn. Designing screens was very simple and once done they looked great. To get us off the ground quickly, there were over 40 tutorials, a lively Q&A forum with an ever growing community and a framework team eager to help.

“Designing screens was very simple and once done they looked great.”

Yalım: So how is the project going?

Tomáš: In just a few months, working only a few hours a week on the project, we built hundreds of screens and are on course to deploy the first modules to production this winter. The application is multilingual, runs with 100% AJAX, DHTML and Javascript, uses every sophisticated component you can think of such as Maps, Trees and Tabs. Heck, it even has a built-in messaging system developed with Formspider. It looks beautiful and is coded 100% in PL/SQL!

“The application uses every sophisticated component you can think of such as Maps, Trees and Tabs.”

“Heck, the application even has a built-in messaging system developed with Formspider.”

Yalım: This sounds really cool. Do you have any other comments for the readers of our blog?

Tomáš: To go with Formspider was a good decision and so far it saved us a lot of time and headache. It allows us to concentrate on the application’s logic and functionality within the database. I also know the roadmap of the product and I can’t wait to use the upcoming new features in our application. I definitely recommend Formspider to every organization with investments in Oracle technologies.

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