Keys to a Fast Web App from Steve Souders

Steve Souders, the famous Web performance expert, has a great article about building fast web applications.

Formspider has built-in solutions for every point he raises in the article.


AJAX: AJAX is built into the Formspider Framework. Everything is AJAX by default. You don’t even worry about it. It just works.

JavaScript: Formspider has only one JS file, loaded only once and cached for good. It is tuned for speed, debugged for cross browser compatibility. You keep reusing it in every application you build. And since there is only one library and it is the same in every application, if there is a faster new library, all your apps become faster instantly.

Caching: The users download the Formspider JS library once when they access the application the very first time and then it is cached until there is a newer version of the library. Every screen a user accesses while she is using the application is cached for the life time of her session.

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