ING Uses Formspider

ING Emeklilik, the ING company in Turkey that operates in the insurance & personal retirement sector uses an application built with Formspider to plan the weekly schedules of their agents. Using the web application, the ING agents can plan their visit ahead of time, create todo lists and access information about the organization they are visiting. The application also provides the management a variety of reports on these activities. This enables ING management to have a better view of its interactions with customers and make informed decisions.

ING uses Formspider

The application consists of several key sections;

Easy Schedule Building

In this part of the application, agents can create their daily schedules using the drag and drop Formspider Calendar widget. The Calendar component provides a daily, weekly and monthly view of their schedule to every user. The Calendar component is part of the Formspider UI Library and is fully data driven. It can be configured with a few clicks in the IDE. Every aspect of the calendar is managed by a PL/SQL program.

Agents can create their daily schedules using the drag and drop functionality of the Formspider Calendar

The Calendar component provides weekly view of the schedule

The Calendar component provides also daily view of the schedule

Visually Stunning Charts

Providing detailed reports to the management team for better decision making was one of the key goals of the project. The application uses Formspider Chart Library and displays stunning graphical reports. Unlike many other frameworks, Formspider charts are created using pure JavaScript. No Adobe Flash technology is used. This way, charts look beautiful even in mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones that do not support Flash technology.

The application displays stunning graphical reports using Formspider Chart Library

Customizable Reports

The reporting needs of the management team can be quite dynamic in nature. Using the Formspider Grid’s powerful features, users can hide, show, resize columns, change the way they are ordered and sort the rows in the reports arbitrarily. The report can also be downloaded as an excel file. It takes a Formspider developer to write a single line of PL/SQL to produce the excel output.

Users can easily change the order of report columns

All report columns are resizable

Reports can also be downloaded as an excel file with a single line of PL/SQL

Other Key Factors


In an organization like ING, information security is non-negotiable. Previous applications built for the same purpose but with different (and well known) technologies  had failed the security audits done by ING. The application built with Formspider passed the security audit with flying colors.

Multi Browser Support

Previously burnt by cross browser compatibility issues, the IT department was quite pleased with the out of the box cross browser support Formspider brings to the table. The application runs in every browser, all the time and no developer in the project wasted one second on this issue.

100% PL/SQL

All the programming in the application is done in PL/SQL. No developer on the team knows Java or JavaScript. This aligns with the skill set and investments of the ING IT Department which very heavily relies on the Oracle Database and PL/SQL.

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