300 Installations

Today, we are happy to announce that Formspider surpassed 300 installations worldwide in less than seven months. The response to our value proposition from organizations and developers that use PL/SQL has been phenomenal. Everyday, more and more PL/SQL developers embrace Formspider and appreciate its benefits.

Formspider turns your PL/SQL team into super productive Web 2.0 developers instantly. It enables the same PLSQL team to deploy applications to different platforms using the same language to program and the same notation to design user interfaces. By empowering the PL/SQL developers, Formspider reduces the IT costs of organizations.

There are new projects spawning everyday all around the world that use Formspider as their primary platform. At Gerger, we are also not sitting on our hands. We are busy with helping our customers succeed and preparing a new version Formspider.

In a few months, we will tell you all about it. Stay tuned.

Thank you all again very much for your interest in Formspider. As usual, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We are here to help.


Yalim K. Gerger

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