Who Uses Formspider? Part 2: The Journey From Forms to Formspider

One of the projects that we are proud to be part of is SABRS, the software system that manages the budget of OASAS, the agency that provides alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services to the people of New York. The SABRS System that serves over 110,000 New Yorkers with more than 1550 treatment, prevention and recovery programs is based on Formspider.
Dulcian had built the original system with Oracle Forms. However, times were changing and a web deployment was desperately needed. Virtually all business rules in the system were being stored and executed from a business rules repository. There was little or no business logic in Forms. We wrote a converter that read the Forms UI definitions and created a similar yet improved look and feel in the Formspider application. Whatever code that was in the Forms were converted to Formspider API’s manually.

SABRS application had a very complex UI with screens over 400 items. It had to meet very strict UI standards. Formspider was able to handle all the challenges the requirements demanded.
The systems went through a security audit and passed with flying colors.
Today, SABRS has over 200 users, helping OASAS deliver health, care and compassion to tens of thousands of New Yorker’s in need.

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  1. I like these “It’s being used by/for …” posts. Though talk of “a converter that read the Forms UI definitions” brings flashbacks of a god-awful AWK script I wrote to check Forms->Text output for a “4.5″ to “5.0″ conversion project.

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