Monthly Archives: May 2012

ING Uses Formspider

ING Emeklilik, the ING company in Turkey that operates in the insurance & personal retirement sector uses an application built with Formspider to plan the weekly schedules of their agents. Using the web application, the ING agents can plan their visit ahead of time, create todo lists and access information about the organization they are [...]

Formspider is on the Road

I will be visiting Riga between May 21-23 and Zagreb between June 11-13. If you are interested in finding out more about Formspider and how it can help your organization, I’d be happy to arrange a meeting. Just send an email to contact (at) theformspider dot com or leave a comment here. Yalim K. Gerger

The Vision for the Formspider Framework

Defining the Problem With the demise of Oracle Forms as a credible development environment, PL/SQL developers are deprived of their ability to build modern applications that meet the current needs of their organizations. Unfortunately, the available alternatives are hard to learn, less productive, less capable, and require far more hardware than Oracle Forms. None of [...]