Monthly Archives: September 2011

Benefits of Formspider: Great Performance without Great Effort

A reasonable developer should not have any trouble building an application with excellent performance. Back in the Oracle Forms days, the only way you could make an application perform poorly was to do something that an experienced developer could easily avoid or fix when discovered, such as write a bad query. In JavaEE environments, you [...]

Benefits of Formspider: Productive Development Environment

It should not take any longer to build an application than it used to. Back in the old Oracle Forms days, a developer could build a moderately complex screen in about a day. That same screen takes a week to build in a JavaEE framework and the probability of that application actually working when you [...]

Benefits of Formspider: Single Development Environment for all Platforms

Excluding accommodations for differing capabilities, defining the application should not be dependent upon the deployment platform. The technology to develop the same UI changes from platform to platform. Web, mobile and desktop technologies vastly differ in the way in which they define user interfaces. If a screen is developed in Java Swing, there is no [...]

Benefits of Formspider: Single Programming Language

Formspider uses only PL/SQL as its scripting language. As long as data is stored in the database, code written in the database will have a huge advantage over code written in the middle tier. In the Oracle environment, developers know PL/SQL. Therefore PL/SQL is the natural language of choice for application development. One of the [...]