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Who Uses Formspider? Part 1: The Journey from Java Desktop To Web 2.0

When Dulcian took over the Air Force Reserves Recruiting System they knew it was going to be one of the biggest challenges the company ever had to overcome. The system was based on a client server architecture. The client application was written entirely in Java… A LOT of it. The application had hundreds of screens [...]

How to install Formspider to Linux or Mac OS X

This post became obsolete. You can download the MacOSX and Linux installer from our download page!!! Prerequisites In order to complete this installation, an instance of Oracle Database Server or higher must be installed either on the local machine or a remote machine that is available through the network connection. Installation files Please download [...]

True Cross Browser Web Applications

Having a truly cross browser web application is like being truly happy. The moment you get there, someone is going to bring you up to date and ruin everything. And like happiness, you will never attain it if you chase it. And like happiness, it is a byproduct of devoting yourself to something that you [...]

Aloha ICSSP 2011

We are thrilled to announce that our team member M. Serdar Biçer will present his paper “Defect Prediction Using Social Network Analysis on Issue Repositories” at the International Conference on Software and Systems Process, ICSSP 2011. His work is one of the 18 papers accepted to the conference world wide. We congratulate him for his [...]