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Recap of Formspider Day in Netherlands

On September 13th, we hosted the Formspider Day in Netherlands at the Ciber offices. It was one of the most incredible days in my life. Presenting to a room full of first class Oracle Architects, Developers and Managers was a privilege. We were also accompanied by 700 people who could not be at the event [...]

Formspider is visiting Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Formspider Founder&CEO Yalim K. Gerger will be in Vienna, Czech Republic and Slovakia between September 17-22 for business meetings. If your organization is interested in hearing more about Formspider from its Founder, simply send us an email. We’d be happy to arrange a meeting.

Mark Your Calendar for the Formspider Event in Netherlands

On September 13th, join us in our free full day event in Netherlands where we will show the latest version of Formspider. The event will take place at Ciber offices at Archimedesbaan 16 3439 ME Nieuwegein. We would like to sincerely thank Ciber for its hospitality. In the event, there will be sessions for managers&executives [...]

A Summer of Forms

Dear Formspider Users, As a beautiful summer comes to a close in the northern hemisphere, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for trying out Formspider, the Web 2.0 framework for PL/SQL developers. This has been the most amazing summer in my life, by far. I’ve met with many brilliant PL/SQL developers around [...]

Demos and Videos

We are happy to announce that we added a new demo page to our web site where we show off mini applications built with Formspider. Each application highlights something cool about the framework. There are six mini apps already and we will add more every day. You can run the apps and look at the [...]

Formspider Local Installation

We just made Formspider available for downloading and installing locally. This was important as there was quite a bit of interest in the local installation. The team tested the hell out of the installer but please, please, pretty please let us know if you run into any issues. Giving feedback is incredibly easy. If the [...]

An Open Letter to PL/SQL Developers

I am happy to announce that we officially launched the public beta program for Formspider, our rich Internet application development framework for PL/SQL Developers. If you are a PL/SQL Developer who is interested in new ideas and technologies, make sure you check out our web site Formspider aims to fill the gap left by [...]