The 100th Confirmed Installation

When we made Formspider Installer available in February, we counted how many people are actually downloading it. After a while a thought came to our minds. PL/SQL developers from all over the world were downloading Formspider. But were they installing it? We had built a notification system to the installer that alerted us when an installation attempt failed (with user’s permission of course). However, we had no mechanism to know how many of the installation attempts succeeded. We updated the installer in May to count the successful installations.

Formspider Installer opens up a thank you web page when the installation completes and we count how many times we render the thank you page. This page serves to a much more important purpose too. We’ve felt like the end of the installation did not really reflect our sentiments about how happy we are that you are giving Formspider a shot. Our thank you page shows how we really feel about it.

Formspider surged passed 100 installations in just five weeks. This is amazing. Thanks to Formspider, we have met many people from all around the world. We exchanged ideas, received invaluable feedback and hopefully we were able to help them as well.

On behalf of the team, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who is giving Formspider a shot. We love to hear what people do with Formspider. Please don’t be a stranger. Let us know what you do. Send us an email, ask a question or get involved in social networks. We are here to help.

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