TANI uses Formspider

TANI is a subsidiary of the Koç Holding. It provides value-added integrated marketing solutions for offline, digital and mobile platforms.

Business Need

TANI wanted to improve the efficiency of their business unit and help them make better decisions. As part of this goal TANI decided to upgrade the current campaign management application which is used to manage the online banner ad campaigns of their customers.
Specifically TANI’s goals in this upgrade were:

  • Increase the data entry/modification speed in the application

  • Improve the reporting capabilities in the application

  • Improve the application’s UI with a fresh and modern look.

The Challenge

The core campaign information in the database spans three tables which are tied to each other in a master-detail-detail relationship. For any campaign, the data in the master row, the detail rows and the detail-detail rows must be validated, committed or rolled backed in the same logical transaction.

The current application did not support batch validation and commit of the entire campaign and therefore was prone to human errors.

The Solution

Since Formspider has an integrated model layer that supports transactions, building a master-detail-detail screen which enforces data validation over three tables was a breeze. The Formspider application easily validates and commits updates to a campaign in the same logical transaction preventing data entry errors.

The Campaign Edit Screen

The master-detail-detail screen also greatly improved the data entry speed of the application because the user could edit the entire campaign information in one screen.

Reporting capabilities of the application also increased significantly thanks to the Formspider grid and its built-in features such as ordering, hiding and filtering of columns.

The Campaign Search Screen with Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

The new application featured a brand new look&feel in harmony with TANI’s corporate colors. As with every Formspider application, the new campaign management application is a single page application functioning 100% with AJAX giving it the modern effect TANI desired.

New Fresh Look that matches TANI's Corporate Guidelines


Formspider was a natural fit for TANI IT Department because it was already relying on the Oracle Database and PL/SQL for most of its business logic implementation.

Formspider enabled us to deliver TANI a high quality application that features a master-detail-detail data entry screen with validations spanning multiple tables with a fraction of the cost it would take using other technologies.

The application enabled TANI business units to work more efficiently and helped them make better decisions while serving their customers.

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