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ING Uses Formspider

ING Emeklilik, the ING company in Turkey that operates in the insurance & personal retirement sector uses an application built with Formspider to plan the weekly schedules of their agents. Using the web application, the ING agents can plan their visit ahead of time, create todo lists and access information about the organization they are […]

Who Uses Formspider? Part 2: The Journey From Forms to Formspider

One of the projects that we are proud to be part of is SABRS, the software system that manages the budget of OASAS, the agency that provides alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment and recovery services to the people of New York. The SABRS System that serves over 110,000 New Yorkers with more than 1550 […]

Who Uses Formspider? Part 1: The Journey from Java Desktop To Web 2.0

When Dulcian took over the Air Force Reserves Recruiting System they knew it was going to be one of the biggest challenges the company ever had to overcome. The system was based on a client server architecture. The client application was written entirely in Java… A LOT of it. The application had hundreds of screens […]