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The Case Against the “But Apex is free” Argument

One of the initial reactions about Formspider from any audience is “But Apex is free. Why should I pay for Formspider, when Apex is free?” Good question… The Criteria to Choose a Development Tool One can write essays about this subject. I will save you the trouble and will define the criteria in one sentence: […]

Security in Formspider Applications

Formspider has a number of built-in countermeasures to help developers build secure applications. Implementing security best practices at the framework level, instead of application level, has multiple benefits: 1. Formspider Developers build applications with higher quality because they reuse the security best practices in every application they build by default. 2. Formspider Developers work more […]

Client Technology Independent Applications

A Formspider application’s source code does not contain a single line of HTML, JavaScript or any other client side technology. This enables us render your Formspider applications with current state of the art UI technology and upgrade it whenever a newer, better technology is ripe enough with zero effort required from you. Case in point: […]

Keys to a Fast Web App from Steve Souders

Steve Souders, the famous Web performance expert, has a great article about building fast web applications. Formspider has built-in solutions for every point he raises in the article. Examples: AJAX: AJAX is built into the Formspider Framework. Everything is AJAX by default. You don’t even worry about it. It just works. JavaScript: Formspider has only […]

Benefits of Formspider: Productive Development Environment

It should not take any longer to build an application than it used to. Back in the old Oracle Forms days, a developer could build a moderately complex screen in about a day. That same screen takes a week to build in a JavaEE framework and the probability of that application actually working when you […]

Benefits of Formspider: Single Development Environment for all Platforms

Excluding accommodations for differing capabilities, defining the application should not be dependent upon the deployment platform. The technology to develop the same UI changes from platform to platform. Web, mobile and desktop technologies vastly differ in the way in which they define user interfaces. If a screen is developed in Java Swing, there is no […]

Benefits of Formspider: Single Programming Language

Formspider uses only PL/SQL as its scripting language. As long as data is stored in the database, code written in the database will have a huge advantage over code written in the middle tier. In the Oracle environment, developers know PL/SQL. Therefore PL/SQL is the natural language of choice for application development. One of the […]

True Cross Browser Web Applications

Having a truly cross browser web application is like being truly happy. The moment you get there, someone is going to bring you up to date and ruin everything. And like happiness, you will never attain it if you chase it. And like happiness, it is a byproduct of devoting yourself to something that you […]

What Problem Domain Does Formspider Address?

Formspider addresses the same problem that Oracle Forms was built for, some twenty years ago: Enabling PL/SQL Developers build great enterprise applications with just PLSQL. At its height, Forms was great for that. Its only programming language was PL/SQL. The applications built with it ran on any platform. For example, I built applications that run […]

An Open Letter to PL/SQL Developers

I am happy to announce that we officially launched the public beta program for Formspider, our rich Internet application development framework for PL/SQL Developers. If you are a PL/SQL Developer who is interested in new ideas and technologies, make sure you check out our web site http://www.theformspider.com. Formspider aims to fill the gap left by […]