Ridex succeeds with Formspider

Formspider continues to create new opportunities for freelancers, IT Consulting Firms and ISV’s around the world. There is nothing more pleasing for us than hearing stories of IT companies succeeding with Formspider.

Ridex Ltd. from Russia, is one of them.

The first application Ridex migrated from Oracle Forms to Formspider is the material resource planning application built for AK Group, one of the largest supplier of engineering services in Russia. The application is now in production.

Material Resource Planning Application Migrated to Formspider

After the success of the first migration project, Ridex is now migrating the warehouse management system for RailTransAuto to Formspider. RailTransAuto is the largest railway carrier for automobiles with a fleet of 2500 specialized car-carrying wagons.

Join our webinar on October 27th and learn from Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch how you can migrate your Oracle Forms applications to Formspider.

Watch the CEO Sergey Flerko showcase the projects Ridex completed with Formspider below:

Ridex Uses Formspider from Yalim K. Gerger on Vimeo.

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