Oracle Forms to Formspider Migration Webinar Video and Links

Last Tuesday, we hosted a webinar for developers who are interested in migrating their Oracle Forms applications to Formspider. Ridex CTO Andrew Pouckatch talked about how Ridex successfully migrated its clients from Oracle Forms to Formspider. During the webinar, he also built a master detail application with Formspider, a common use case in many Oracle Forms applications.

Don’t worry if you missed it though! Below is a recording of the event.

The webinar consists of six parts:

1) About Gerger, the company behind Formspider.

2) Brief history of Formspider and a short overview of its references and success stories.

3) Formspider Benefits & Features.

4) Ridex success story with Formspider

5) Let’s build an application with Formspider

6) Questions from the Audience (excellent questions from the audience! :-) )

You can watch the webinar below:

Here are the slides we used during the webinar:

You can view the demo application Andrew built during the webinar at this link.

You can download the assets of the demo application from this link.

There is an excellent thread on our Q&A page in which developers who successfully migrated their Oracle Forms applications to Formspider share the best practices they use. We encourage you to read it and jump in to the discussion with your questions and comments.

Please also check out this blog post we published a while ago which puts together the most important resources to start learning Formspider.

Many thanks to Andrew Pouckatch for his excellent presentation and everyone who attended to the webinar.