Oracle Forms Migration to Formspider Webinar

Below, you see a short demo of an Oracle Forms application rebuilt with Formspider by five Forms developers from TEAM GmbH.

Join our joint webinar with TEAM GmbH and find out how they successfully rebuilt their product ProStore with Formsipder.

The webinar will be presented by Frank Zscherlich (division manager logistics, TEAM GmbH), Michael Wibberg (product manager, lead of product development, TEAM GmbH) and Yalim K. Gerger (Founder of Formspider).

In the webinar the following topics will be discussed:

– What other products did TEAM look at?

– Why did TEAM choose Formspider?

– What are the benefits of using Formspider?

– What is it like to work with the company behind Formspider?

– What was TEAM’s approach to Forms Modernization?

– A demo of the application

– A demo of the development experience with Formspider

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  1. Very cool theme.

    How can we get or buy it?

  2. Hi Attila,

    You can buy it from TEAM if it is available for sale. If you are interested send me the email address you want to be contacted and I’ll have someone from TEAM contact you.

  3. It would be nice from You. My mail address is

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