New Formspider Webinar

We’d like to invite you to our free Formspider webinar on October 21th. In the webinar, you’ll get a chance to find out how Formspider can help you build great web applications with PL/SQL and why we think Formspider is better than APEX.

More importantly, current Formspider customers will join the webinar and talk about their experience with the product.

This time, we scheduled the webinar in a more convenient time slot for South and North American users. Users from other parts of the World are welcomed to join. The webinar will be held in the evening for African, European users and late at night for Asian and Australian users.

The webinar is free but space is limited. Sign up now.

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  1. Is going to be recorded the webminar?

  2. Yes. This time I will definitely record it. :-)

  3. Is there a certification available for Formspider?

    Will the company be around in 15 years??
    That is, is it worth investing on Formspider on the long run?

  4. Hi Ravi,

    We’ve been around for more than six years now. So far so good. :-)

    In the meantime, many, well known, “well-established” development platforms (such as Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight among many others), countless platform startups, databases, Java and JavaScript frameworks have come and gone. We are still here.

    If you’d like to wait for 15 years before giving Formspider a shot, hang on. We’ve got nine more years to go. :-)

    I hope you’ve been holding other platforms you’ve been using to the same criteria though. :-)

    Are you sure that whatever you are using now is going to be around 15 years from now just because it was around 15 years ago? In 2006, would you bet on Nokia or Blackberry be around 15 years later?

    We don’t have a certification program. We’ve never been big believers of certification programs. We don’t plan to create one.

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