Introducing Formspider Mobile

Today, we are announcing Formspider Mobile and releasing the first beta version to the public.

Vision for FS Mobile

Our mission is to provide PL/SQL developers a modern framework so that they can build applications for today. This cannot not happen without enabling them to build apps for mobile devices.

FS Mobile will enable PL/SQL developers to build native applications for mobile devices.

What’s in the Beta?

With FS Mobile Beta 1, PL/SQL developers can build mobile web applications which include the following features:

1) Infinite scrolling

FS Mobile datasources implement infinite scrolling and the UI Components take advantage of this feature automatically. No coding required.

2) Charts and Maps

FS Mobile Beta includes charts and maps with a limited API set. (This is a beta after all)

3) Best of Formspider

Everything you love about the original Formspider (now called FS Desktop) such as full transaction control, data aware components, true multi browser support etc… exists in FS Mobile as well.

The way your applications work and the way you think about them did not change.

The Roadmap

In the upcoming weeks you’ll see us deliver the following features:

1) Support to build native Android and iOS applications

We’ll add other platforms depending on the feedback from our customers.

2) Access to device API’s and features

Camera and Pictures are the first items on the list. The rest is largely going to be decided by the feedback we receive from our customers.

3) More API’s and features for Maps

Directions, interactive pins etc…

4) Location Services

More API’s to work with GPS location data.

5) More API’s and features for Charts

6) New Components and API’s

This is largely going to be influenced by the feedback we receive from our customers.

How much will FS Mobile cost?

We have not decided on the final pricing of FS Mobile yet.

However, we decided on two things:

Existing Formspider customers will get FS Mobile for free. Yes, we love our customers. :-)

Similarly, everyone who buys a Formspider developer license during FS Mobile beta period will get FS Mobile for free. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Final Words

We built an FS Mobile Reference Application (convenient short link to test the app in mobile devices: which implements the most common use cases developers encounter when building mobile applications. You can download the source code for the FS Mobile Reference Application from this link.

We’ve already published a few tutorials for FS Mobile in our Learning Center and we’ll add more content to both our Learning Center and Demo Page in the coming days. Subscribe to this blog, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or join our LinkedIn group to follow the latest news about FS Mobile.

Download FS Mobile today and start building mobile applications with PL/SQL.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on our Q&A site.

The Formspider Team

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