Formspider Roadmap

It occurred to us that even though you can read about our roadmap here and there on the web site, there isn’t one blog post for reference. So here it is.

We’ll talk about our roadmap in broad terms. There are couple of reasons for this:

For one, we simply like the element of surprise.

We also like to keep our flexibility. Together with our customers we need to adapt to a world with ever changing needs and requirements. Something that seems very important today, can easily be completely irrelevant in several months. Our top priority is always helping our customers to get things done and no roadmap will ever take precedence over that.

With that said, here is our guidelines for the FS Desktop and FS Mobile:

FS Desktop Roadmap

We will release new versions of FS Desktop continuously.  In these releases you’ll see us deliver;

Team Development Support

Version Control Support

GUI Designer

Infinite Scroll for Grids

Server Side Events (i.e. pushing events from server to the client),

New grid features for custom reporting

More features and API’s for maps

Templating Support

Other new components and new API’s based on requests from professional support customers and feedback from customers.

We’ve already delivered several features that correspond to these promises above and we’ll continue to do so.

FS Mobile has its own roadmap and we published it along with its announcement.

FS Mobile Roadmap

Support to build native Android and iOS applications

We’ll add other platforms depending on the feedback from our customers.

Access to device API’s and features

Camera and Pictures are the first items on the list. The rest is largely going to be decided by the feedback we receive from our customers.

More API’s and features for Maps

Directions, interactive pins etc…

Location Services

More API’s to work with GPS location data.

More API’s and features for Charts

New Components and API’s

This is largely going to be influenced by the feedback we receive from our customers.

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