Formspider 1.9 is available for download

Today, we are very excited to announce the availability of Formspider 1.9. Formspider 1.9 has many new features that make building applications with Formspider better than ever.

Beautiful New Themes

FS 1.9 includes six beautiful new themes with modern, flat design.

Stateful Database Connections

With FS 1.9 applications can now run in a stateful database connection. This enables Formspider developers to use many features of the Oracle Database in their applications such as global variables and global temporary tables.

Moreover, this feature makes migrating existing Oracle Forms applications to Formspider much easier. The code base you’ve worked on for so long assuming a stateful database connection can now be reused in Formspider. Find out more about how you can start using stateful database connections feature in your Formspider applications here. (Hint: It is a single line of code).

ROWID Support for DML

FS 1.9 supports Oracle ROWID so that developers can easily issue updates and deletes to database objects with multi column primary keys.

Dynamic Where Clauses

No more writing superfluous predicates in where clauses to compensate for bind variables with null values. Formspider creates the optimal where clauses for your queries to make them run faster.

Search Screen Wizard

In FS 1.9, the Formspider IDE comes with a new wizard which helps developers to create efficient search screens quickly.

Check out the change log for other new features, enhancements, API’s and bug fixes in FS 1.9.

Download Formspider 1.9 now.

For more information on Formspider 1.9, browse the slide deck or the watch the webinar recording below:

New Features in Formspider 1.9 from Yalim K. Gerger

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  1. Вячеслав Банкет

    >>Stateful Database Connections
    This means that pessimistic locking is available?

  2. Hi Vyacheslav,

    No pessimistic locking is not available. But this feature lays the foundation to implement pessimistic locking in Formspider.

    Is pessimistic locking so essential for your application? Can you work with optimistic locking in Formspider?

    To ensure that no data is overwritten by accident, Formspider uses a feature called concurrency column i.e. for every “data block” (in FS we call them datasource definitions) we ask the developer to flag a column as the concurrency column . Formspider reads the value of this column when the query of the data block is executed. While Formspider issues DML to the database for an update made to a row in the data block, Formspider ensures that the value it has in the row for the concurrency column is not changed in the database. If it is changed it raises an exception and does not let the user commit her update.

    Is this good enough for you?

    Kind Regards,

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