For those of you who don’t want to wait for Apex

Apex just released its road map. Formspider already has four of the major features Apex listed in its road map. The 2000+ PL/SQL developers who downloaded Formspider and 1500+ more who signed up to Formspider Cloud are already enjoying them.

1. Modal Dialog

Formspider developers have been able to build applications with modal dialogs since Day 1.  Honestly, we did not think of this as a feature worth mentioning until now. I don’t think we even have an example on our demo page. Apparently, it is a big deal. We should put up one.

2. Updating multiple rows of data and allow multiple regions on one page

Formspider works at a higher paradigm than Apex. In Formspider you build applications, not web pages. The word page does not even exist in the Formspider vocabulary. This is such a relief that Formspider developers don’t need to worry about these odd ball restrictions that I don’t even understand…Multiple rows of data editable in one page not possible….Huh?

In a Formspider application, you can put as many grids, textFields, checkboxes or whatever as you like on the screen and allow users edit them and save the changes in any way you like because Formspider has a full model layer. All of  this is a matter of course in a Formspider application. Formspider developers don’t even think about it as something special.

3. Master / Detail / Detail

The actual text in the road map says “Provide a wizard interface to define declarative master/detail/detail regions”. Formspider can do not just three but n-levels of master detail. The point is that this is not an add-on special feature of Formspider. Formspider supports this architecturally by design not just by a hard coded wizard. Oh here is the demo for three levels by the way

4. Any number of interactive reports on a one page

Formspider 1.2 will be out in a couple of weeks and it supports any number of interactive reports on one screen.

Formspider has a superior architecture. This architecture enables many capabilities by design. That’s why many things that look like cool features in other frameworks are a matter of course in Formspider.

We’ve just started to scratch the surface… The possibilities are endless and there are many great things waiting in the pipeline. The next two years are going to be fun.

Stay tuned…

Yalim K. Gerger

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  1. Claudio Arriagada

    Keep going. Fomspider is not just another Framework. Formspider is a Revolutionary Framework.

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