Elmec Sport Uses Formspider

Elmec, one of the biggest shoe distributors in Greece, uses Formspider.

Business Case
In a recent promotion Elmec enabled its customers to order custom drawings on their new shoes using an iPad. Elmec needed a new small application to manage these custom made orders.

All drawing orders from the eight shops across the country are collected by the app and are forwarded to the artist who is responsible of creating the custom drawing . At the same time an order is placed to the warehouse to ship the selected shoes to the artist. The entire process is managed by an application built with Formspider.

The entire process is managed by an application built with Formspider

Benefits of Formspider
This is a great example that Formspider is a perfect fit for small applications as well as large ones.

This application was built by Akis Vlissidis who also built the Georgian Railway document management system.

Even though this was the first time Akis was using Formspider, it took him only a week to complete the application. This is yet another proof that shows how easy it is to become productive with Formspider for a PL/SQL developer.

Akis is by no means done. We’ll continue to share his success stories. In the meantime, you can contact him from his LinkedIn account.

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