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Installing Formspider Manually

We created a solid installer for Formspider which has a very high success rate. However, IT environment can be very complex and restrictive (and understandably so). So having an installer does not work for everyone and every organization. Therefore, we are making the Formspider installation scripts available for download. Below are the steps you can follow to […]

Mobile Apps with Formspider

Today, we are happy to announce that the first mobile apps built with Formspider Mobile are now in production in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.   We worked with a client from Netherlands to bring the first mobile apps built with Formspider to the market. Here is their story: The Challenge PlanMySport is a […]

Formspider 1.9 is available for download

Today, we are very excited to announce the availability of Formspider 1.9. Formspider 1.9 has many new features that make building applications with Formspider better than ever. Beautiful New Themes FS 1.9 includes six beautiful new themes with modern, flat design. Stateful Database Connections With FS 1.9 applications can now run in a stateful database […]

Announcing Formspider Desktop 1.8

Today, we are thrilled to announce the new version of Formspider. Formspider 1.8 opens up possibilities that are currently unavailable to APEX developers. Built-in Version Control Formspider 1.8 integrates the prominent version control system Git to Formspider. Formspider developers are now able to manage the source code of their applications (both Formspider application objects and […]

Formspider Desktop 1.6 is here

Formspider Desktop 1.6 is here We are really excited to release Formspider Desktop 1.6 to public. This version brings us one step closer to our goal to create the best application development framework for PL/SQL developers. Implementing smoothly scrolling Grids in Web applications (a.k.a Infinite Scroll) has always been a challenge for developers. In particuler, […]

Formspider Roadmap

It occurred to us that even though you can read about our roadmap here and there on the web site, there isn’t one blog post for reference. So here it is. We’ll talk about our roadmap in broad terms. There are couple of reasons for this: For one, we simply like the element of surprise. […]

Introducing Formspider Mobile

Today, we are announcing Formspider Mobile and releasing the first beta version to the public. Vision for FS Mobile Our mission is to provide PL/SQL developers a modern framework so that they can build applications for today. This cannot not happen without enabling them to build apps for mobile devices. FS Mobile will enable PL/SQL […]

Formspider 1.4 is available for download

We are happy to announce the release of Formspider 1.4. FS 1.4 brings further improvements to the Grid component along with a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes: Locked Columns The new Grid component features the ability to lock columns. This enables users to scroll horizontally through a large set of columns in a […]

Getting Started with Formspider

Here are a few resources to help you get more value out of Formspider but let’s get the most important question out of the way first: When Can You Be Productive with Formspider? In our experience, it takes between one to two weeks for a PL/SQL Developer to become confident enough to start building his […]

The Case Against the “But Apex is free” Argument

One of the initial reactions about Formspider from any audience is “But Apex is free. Why should I pay for Formspider, when Apex is free?” Good question… The Criteria to Choose a Development Tool One can write essays about this subject. I will save you the trouble and will define the criteria in one sentence: […]