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The Case Against the “But Apex is free” Argument

One of the initial reactions about Formspider from any audience is “But Apex is free. Why should I pay for Formspider, when Apex is free?” Good question… The Criteria to Choose a Development Tool One can write essays about this subject. I will save you the trouble and will define the criteria in one sentence: […]

Security in Formspider Applications

Formspider has a number of built-in countermeasures to help developers build secure applications. Implementing security best practices at the framework level, instead of application level, has multiple benefits: 1. Formspider Developers build applications with higher quality because they reuse the security best practices in every application they build by default. 2. Formspider Developers work more […]

Client Technology Independent Applications

A Formspider application’s source code does not contain a single line of HTML, JavaScript or any other client side technology. This enables us render your Formspider applications with current state of the art UI technology and upgrade it whenever a newer, better technology is ripe enough with zero effort required from you. Case in point: […]

Keys to a Fast Web App from Steve Souders

Steve Souders, the famous Web performance expert, has a great article about building fast web applications. Formspider has built-in solutions for every point he raises in the article. Examples: AJAX: AJAX is built into the Formspider Framework. Everything is AJAX by default. You don’t even worry about it. It just works. JavaScript: Formspider has only […]