Benefits of Formspider: Productive Development Environment

It should not take any longer to build an application than it used to.

Back in the old Oracle Forms days, a developer could build a moderately complex screen in about a day. That same screen takes a week to build in a JavaEE framework and the probability of that application actually working when you get to production is much lower than the old Forms application.

The Formspider IDE was written using Formspider. The IDE was the first application developed. From the very start, we were not just the developers, but also the customers. As a result, much effort has gone into making the IDE intuitive and productive.

We built the best, the most user-friendly XML Editor for the Formspider IDE. It helps you build your screens by completing your code automatically, formatting it beautifully, and giving meaningful error messages.

Because the main layout editor is written in XML, the entire IDE only comprises about 100 screens (~20 of which you use 80% of the time). Compare that with Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) that includes over 2000 screens in the IDE.

Objects that have been logically associated (such as panels on windows) can be found as child objects in the navigation tree, so there is no need for a text search for impact analysis when you delete something.

Testing your application requires a single button press. There is no deploying or waiting for the application to compile. It runs exactly as if it were in the production environment. Formspider includes an excellent debugger. It will even show the component you are looking at which makes finding where a change needs to happen very easy.

Give it a try. You will love it.

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