Announcing Formspider Desktop 1.8

Today, we are thrilled to announce the new version of Formspider. Formspider 1.8 opens up possibilities that are currently unavailable to APEX developers.

Built-in Version Control

Formspider 1.8 integrates the prominent version control system Git to Formspider. Formspider developers are now able to manage the source code of their applications (both Formspider application objects and PL/SQL code) right within the Formspider IDE.

Formspider Version Control Highlights

Formspider 1.8 makes managing different versions of your code base incredibly easy. It has the following benefits:

  • Great Team Productivity
  • Create and work on different branches of your application. Clone your application and have your team edit the same Formspider application objects and PL/SQL code units at the same time without overwriting each others updates. Pull changes from other developers and merge them easily right in the Formspider IDE using the Merge Wizard.

  • Painless Release Management
  • Release maintenance versions of a production application while working on new features.

  • Instant Set Up, Seamless Integration
  • Formspider automatically installs Git, features both a point&click user interface via the Formspider IDE and a PL/SQL API. Be it SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer or TOAD, Formspider Version Control works with any PL/SQL development tool.

For more information please read How to use Formspider Version Control and How to do a Merge in Formspider in the Learning Center.

Download Formspider Desktop 1.8 now.

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