Installing Formspider Manually

We created a solid installer for Formspider which has a very high success rate. However, IT environment can be very complex and restrictive (and understandably so). So having an installer does not work for everyone and every organization.

Therefore, we are making the Formspider installation scripts available for download. Below are the steps you can follow to install Formspider to your environment manually.

Installation of Middle Tier Components

  1. For Linux and Mac OS, install Git manually from For Windows, Git is already included to this setup.

  2. Move Formspider folder to the place you want to locate Formspider middle tier components.
    e.g /Users/username/

  3. For Windows, open fix_parameters_WINDOWS.bat to edit.
    For Mac OS, open to edit.
    For Linux, open to edit.
  4. Set FORMSPIDER_ROOT parameter to the absolute path of the Formspider folder from step 1..
    e.g /Users/username/Formspider

  5. Set FORMSPIDER_DATABASE_CONNECTION_STRING parameter to the correct jdbc connection string to your database.
    e.g jdbc:oracle:thin:@
  6. For Mac OS and Linux, set GIT_EXECUTABLE parameter to the path of git executable.
    e.g. /usr/bin/git
  7. Set FORMSPIDER_SCHEMA parameter to the name of the Formspider database schema.

  8. Set Formspider_SCHEMA_PASSWORD parameter to the password of the Formspider database schema.

  9. Open command line terminal and run fix_parameters_WINDOWS.bat for Windows, for MAC OS, for Linux.

  10. For Windows, add absolute path of “Formspider\Git\bin” directory to the PATH environment variable of your system.

Installation of Database Components

  1. Connect to the Oracle Database with the SYS user

  2. Open 01_SYS.sql to edit.

  3. Replace all occurrences of @FORMSPIDER_SCHEMA@ to the schema name for Formspider database components.

  4. Replace all occurrences of @FORMSPIDER_PASSWORD@ to the password for Formspider database schema.

  5. Run 01_SYS.sql

  6. Disconnect from SYS

  7. Connect to the database with the Formspider schema that you named on step 3.

  8. Open 02_FORMSPIDER.sql to edit.

  9. Replace all occurrences of @FORMSPIDER_SCHEMA@ to the name of Formspider database schema.

  10. Run 02_FORMSPIDER.sql

  11. Ensure that there are no invalid packages in your Formspider schema.

  12. Create a row in table T_TEMP_APPLICATION.

  13. Copy the contents of FormspiderIDE.xml to this newly created row.

  14. Issue a commit to save this row to the database.

  15. Run 03_FORMSPIDER.sql

  16. Disconnect from FORMSPIDER user.

  17. Connect to the database with SYS user.

  18. Open 04_SYS.sql to edit.

  19. Replace all occurrences of @FORMSPIDER_SCHEMA@ to the name of Formspider database schema.

  20. Replace the two occurrences of @VERSIONCONTROL_HOST@ keyword with the IP address of your Formspider middle tier machine, where Formspider web server and middle tier components are installed. You need to ensure that your middle tier machine is accessible from database machine by checking network and firewall settings of both machines.

  21. For Windows, change the value of “folderSeparator” parameter from ‘/’ to ‘\’.
  22. Run 04_SYS.sql

  23. Disconnect from SYS.

Start Up

  1. For Windows, run Formspider/apache-tomcat-7.0.69/bin/startup.bat
    For Mac OS and Linux, run Formspider/apache-tomcat-7.0.69/bin/
  2. Open your browser and type http://[MIDDLE TIER IP ADDRESS]:7997/formspider/main.html?name=FormspiderIDE