Monthly Archives: July 2013

Formspider and Docufy

Lately, our good friends at iAdvise have been pretty busy. They’ve just released a cool product called Docufy which enables PL/SQL developers to create MS Word documents right from the Oracla Database. They built a  Formspider application to show how you can use Docufy with Formspider. You can view it on their samples page. It’s […]

Formspider Roadmap

It occurred to us that even though you can read about our roadmap here and there on the web site, there isn’t one blog post for reference. So here it is. We’ll talk about our roadmap in broad terms. There are couple of reasons for this: For one, we simply like the element of surprise. […]

What’s New in Formspider Mobile?

In the last few days, we added a bunch of new material about FS Mobile to our Learning Center. Among several tutorials and instructions on how to install the reference application locally, we added five short blog posts which introduce what’s new in FS Mobile to current FS Desktop developers. These five introductory blog posts […]

Introducing Formspider Mobile

Today, we are announcing Formspider Mobile and releasing the first beta version to the public. Vision for FS Mobile Our mission is to provide PL/SQL developers a modern framework so that they can build applications for today. This cannot not happen without enabling them to build apps for mobile devices. FS Mobile will enable PL/SQL […]